Genesis Workshop in Spokane 2

Innovative R&D to bring you a better life -- AI, Security, Kansei Engineering, Healthcare, and more.

June 1, 2018, Spokane, WA, USA (jointly held with ISASE-MAICS2018)

Note to participants from Kelowna, BC, Canada.  There is a plan to arrange a free shuttle bus if enough people sign up.  Please contact Atsushi Inoue via E-mail if interested.

(The program in printable format -- PDF)

Time slot

Event (All events take place in SEWC118)


Plenary Lectures: Innovative Research

MC: Hiroharu Kawanaka, Mie University, Japan

  • Plenary Lecture 1: A dust detection system for factory line using Raspberry Pi board computer, Masakazu Morimoto, University of Hyogo, Japan

  • Plenary Lecture 2: Heartbeat Detection using Ultrasensitive Vibration Sensor during Bathing, Takenori Obo, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Japan

  • Plenary Lecture 3: Development of core technologies for exploiting electronic medical records in Vietnam, Tru H Cao, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology - VNUHCM, Vietnam (Currently visiting EWU, USA)

  • Plenary Lecture 4: Neonatal brain development characterization using spatio-temporal statistical shape model, Syoji Kobashi, University of Hyogo, Japan

  • Plenary Lecture 5: Natural language and speech processing of very large databases, Mark VanDam, WSU, USA (+2 other co-PIs)




Expert Panel: Future EHR for better healthcare (Slides)

MC: Atsushi Inoue, EWU, USA

To share perspectives from IT and healthcare experts -- How should AI, Blockchain, IoT, and Big Data help us?

Lead panelists (will share their thoughts -- 10 min ea.):

  • Health Lead: Mike Figurski (MD), Vistacan, Canada
  • IT Lead: Sanjay Joshi,, USA
Other experts in IT and healthcare will join from USA, Canada, and Japan.




Industrial Exhibition: Cutting Edge Security Management

Lead: Yuki Enomoto, dit Co., Ltd., Japan & Nozomu Nishinaga, NICT, Japan

Lecture & Exhibition: Security Visualization and Event Management Platform

Abstract, Product (WADJET)

Additional exhibition:

  • Open Source Machine Learning Platform,, USA
  • PiLab Security Simulation Project, ISBA, EWU, USA

Discussions will continue at the banquet of ISASE-MAICS2018.
Please be aware that Mr. Sanjay Joshi will deliver the keynote lecture on Mar 31, 2018, at ISASE-MAICS2018.

Registration & Venue.

Please register ISASE-MAICS2018.

FREE registration for EWU and WSU students and faculty (unless you publish a paper). Banquet ticket is necessary if you join us with the free or student registration.


  • Atsushi Inoue, EWU, USA

  • Hiroharu Kawanaka, Mie University, Japan

  • Syoji Kobashi, University of Hyogo, Japan


E-mail to Atsushi Inoue (

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