Contact Information at Osaka Prefecture University (OPU)
  • I will be staying at room 424 on the fourth floor of building A14 on the Nakamozu campus.
  • Email is the most convenient and probably the most responsive -- inoueatsushij_at_gmail_dot_com or ainoue_at_ewu_dot_edu
  • You may call SIP service in Japan: 050 5832 5262.  Please leave a message including your name and a number to call back.
    • You may call my cell, too: +1 559 744 7214 (US) / +44 7937 640 652 (UK)
  • Social Networking (see the side menu), e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, VKontakte, etc.
  • Scheduled lectures at OPU
    • Undergraduate: Study Abroad and Global Life -- slides (PDF).
      • 1255-1425 on December 10th (W)
    • Graduate (M2): Fuzzy Sets and Logic (Links to lecture materials are prepared within this document.)
      • 1435-1605 on December 17th (W)@A13-323 lecture room B
      • 1615-1745 on December 17th (W)
      • 1040-1210 on December 22nd (M)@A13-228 lecture room A
  • Scheduled lecture at Gifu University: Course syllabus that can be used internationally.
      • 1400-1530 on December 16th (T)
  • Seminar, workshop, conference
  • Others
    • Hands-on project: e-commerce server on Raspberry Pi -- LAMP + WordPress on Raspbian (Debian ARM distribution for Raspberry Pi)
    • SCIS monograph editorial project